Customer FAQS

1. This bio Eco dinnerware or pet supplies are fully biodegradable? Yes.

2. What’s the material of those products made from? Bamboo fiber.

3. Are the reusable? Yes, reusable.

4. How many years could be last? 3-5 years.

5. Dishwasher safe or not? Yes, safe.

6. Microwave safe or not? No microwave.

7. Do you have any warranty policy? Yes, warranty 1 year.

8. Are you the manufacturer? Yes, we are.

9. What’s your mainly market? American, Europe, etc.

10. What’s your mainly customer? Walmart, Target, etc.

11. Do you have any certifications: Yes, Bio-degradation certificate, FDA, LFGB, Dishwasher safe

12. SGS heavy metal content testing, etc.