Customized coffee cup

It advocates the concept of green, healthy and safe life. From bamboo to daily necessities, it originates from nature and belongs to nature. In other words, bamboo fiber is biodegradable, natural and environmentally friendly, and can be safely used.

Bamboo fiber coffee cup has a long bamboo fragrance and a natural, simple and elegant texture. The cup can be used as matte finish or bright finish .It is fresh and energetic. It complements the bamboo fiber material and is also my favorite color.

This bamboo fiber coffee cup have simple and smooth shape, fresh and elegant color, delicate and smooth feel. Although the water cup is light, the net weight with cover is 0.127kg; capacity: 350ml; Cold and heat resistance, applicable temperature: – 20 ~ 120 ℃. Close the lid, clean and sanitary.

It is matched with silicone cover and silicone anti scalding cup cover, and packaged in kraft carton.

Finally, let’s take a look at the details of the water cup. The cup body has bamboo leaf printing, which is novel and chic. The cup mouth is smooth and free of burrs to avoid scratching.