Mann Bamboo’s Advantage

(1) It is made of bamboo powder, crop straw, wheat bran, rice husk, etc. all raw materials are natural and environmentally friendly.

(2) Bamboo fiber balance materials and waste materials can be reused.

(3) Pantone colors can be accepted in different styles.

(4) After being buried in the soil, the product is easily biodegradable and non-toxic. From nature to nature.

(5) Food is safe, non-toxic, non fragile and tasteless.

(7) High strength, strong and durable.

(8) Waterproof and non flammable

(9) , with unique natural and simple texture and exquisite appearance.

(10) Food safety and non-toxic certification, FDA, lfgb and SGS heavy metal content test. Bamboo fiber board material and bamboo fiber are customized according to customer requirements, such as new shape, size, color, trademark printing, packaging, etc.