Our Services

Bamboo Fiber Products Design

If you…

1. Your’re a new buyer and fast expand more business

2. Want to save time

Then our design service is for you!

Manufacturing Bamboo Fiber Products

If you…

1. Have your brand,

2. Intend to get quality bamboo fiber products.

Then our manufacturing service is for you!

Sample Order

If you…

1. Want to purchase a sample order first.

2. Purchase a full order after validating the product quality.

Then our Sample Order service is for you!

Distributorship Cooperation

If you…

1. Would like to distribute our products in your country.

2. Intend to establish a new company to be an agent.

Then our Distributorship Cooperation service is for you!

OEM / ODM Service

If you …

1. Are looking for OEM/ODM manufacturers in this industry.

2. Need someone that can produce what you want and have a custom design printed to your specification.

Then our OEM/ODM service is for you!

Made to Order Service

If you…

1. Have your own design.

2. Your own idea.

Then our made to order service is for you!