The advantages of bamboo fiber

1. Resist bacteria :There are experiment research , Put the cultivated bacteria on bamboo fiber products, an hour later, the bacteria were eliminated 48%, after 24 hours was killed 75%.
This advantage of bamboo fiber makes bamboo fiber tableware safer and cleaner. Parents can rest assured bamboo fiber tableware as the baby’s tableware, and to ensure safe and non-toxic.
2. Compared with porcelain bowl, bamboo fiber tableware is not easy to break, we do not have to worry about shards and cracks will cut the baby. In addition ,bamboo fiber tableware are more lightweight and rich in shape, children and adults can be well used.
Compared with plastic, bamboo fiber tableware more environmentally friendly and safer, 100% use of plant fiber production, do not have to worry about chemical residues.
3. Easy to clean: bamboo fiber tableware contains natural anti-bacterial ingredients, anti-oil and anti-stains, it is very easy to clean, gently wash the stains with water, to make you convenient to use.
4. Environmental Protection: Bamboo fiber is a real green products, do not have chemical pollution, bamboo fiber tableware can be 100% biodegradable, in line with the new concept of environmental protection.